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MPP Project

The MPP Capstone/Individual Projects course offers students the opportunity to integrate and apply academic knowledge and skills in collaboration with a partner/client. Students independently identify an external partner/client on a policy-related problem and provide the appropriate design, development, research, and analysis to meet individual learning goals. This course provides a bridge between public policy as it is studied in an academic setting and as it is practiced in the workplace. Students also continue to develop important skills in leadership, communication, professional etiquette, and time management.

A Venn diagram showing Public Policy in Academia on the left, Public Policy in the Workplace on the right, and the MPP Capstone course in the center

Students attend weekly seminars to share their progress at each stage of development, receive feedback from faculty advisors, and provide advice to other students. In addition, students are expected to gain experience organizing their work and managing client/partner relations. Projects may take the shape of program design, development, implementation, and evaluation and/or policy research and analysis for government, nonprofit or for-profit organizations.

MPP Project MOU

Sample Projects