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Academic Policies

The Graduate School Handbook contains most of the policies and procedures of The Graduate School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Students should become familiar with the material pertaining to their degree programs, and, together with their faculty advisors, make certain that the chosen program of study complies with all policies.

Key MPP academic policies

Honor Code

Honor, integrity, and ethical decision-making are fundamental guiding principles at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Carolina students are expected to adhere to the Honor Code in all academic and non-academic endeavors.  As members of the Carolina community, MPP students are eligible to participate in the Graduate and Professional Schools branch of the Honor System.

Graduate Grading

All master’s and doctoral programs administered through The Graduate School operate under the same grading system. The graduate grading scale in use is unique in that it cannot be converted to the more traditional ABC grading scale. Graduate students do not carry a numerical GPA.

Grade Scale

Grading at the graduate level is intended to offer feedback to students on their performance in each course, including once students reach the thesis and dissertation stage. Faculty are encouraged to specify course requirements and grading expectations for students. Students enrolled in courses numbered 400 and above must receive one of the following grades:

Graduate Permanent Grades

H High Pass – Clear Excellence
P Pass – Entirely Satisfactory Graduate Work
L Low Pass – Inadequate Graduate Work
F Fail

Special Permanent Grades

F* Fail-Administratively Assigned; equivalent to F
NG No grade assigned; administratively assigned only
XF Fail-Honor Court hearing outcome; equivalent to F

Academic Eligibility

A student becomes academically ineligible to continue in The Graduate School if they receive a grade of F, F*, XF, or nine or more hours of L.

  • The computation of hours taken will include courses for which the student has received a grade of H, P, L, or F, as well as equivalent grades for courses taken through inter-institutional registration where other permanent letter grades may be assigned.
  • Undergraduate courses taken as a graduate student will not be included in this computation.

When special circumstances warrant, a student made academically ineligible under the conditions stated above may be reinstated upon petition initiated through the student’s academic program. Final approval rests with The Graduate School.

Students are subject to the regulations of student government under the Honor Code. Students may become ineligible to continue studies at UNC-Chapel Hill for student code violations.

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Funding Resources and Financing the MPP

We are committed to helping you navigate the UNC MPP cost of attendance. The cost of attending graduate school includes tuitionfeesand health insurance, for which you are billed directly. It also includes indirect costs such as roomboardbooks and suppliestravelloan feesand personal expenses.

MPP Tuition and Fees 2022-2023

Cost of Attendance

Funding Resources from the Graduate School 

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