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Anmol Kanotra

Anmol Kanotra is a Doctoral Student in the Department of Public Policy at the University of North Carolina. She is interested in studying the development and economic impact of domestic interventions addressing societal challenges. Her primary research interests are child and family policy, social welfare policy and crime prevention.

Having earned an MSc. degree in International Health Policy (Health Economics) from the London School of Economics and B.S.B.A. in Economics and Finance from University of Louisville, she possesses a robust understanding of economic principles to integrate into her research in public policy.

Prior to joining UNC, Anmol  worked for 6+ years in economics and policy analysis in the corporate, academic, and public sectors. From working with a Fortune 500 company to advising at an international consulting firm, she has a history of contributing to research and analysis outcomes through microeconomic theory and computational techniques.

She seeks to leverage her multidisciplinary expertise in economics and public policy to help contribute to evidence-based policies that can mitigate the negative consequences of adverse events and foster resilience in children and families.

Anmol Kanotra