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Musopa Kalenga

Musopa Kalenga is a Ph.D. student in Public Policy. Prior to joining our doctoral program, she worked as a consultant at the World Bank Office in Zambia, a Research Analyst, and Project Analyst. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Development from Mulungushi University, and a Master of Arts degree in Development Studies from University of Lusaka, both schools in Zambia.

Musopa is interested in women’s education, gender, and international development. She has worked with several NGOs in Zambia, empowering girls and women through education.

In 2019, Musopa won the World Bank Blog4Dev Competition. Her winning blog shared policy solutions on how the African youth can be prepared for the digital economy by governments investing in Human Capital, education and health.

In 2016, Musopa emerged as the winner of the youth time capsule competition by the United Nations Industrial Organization, UNIDO. She also won the DREAMS writing challenge by USAID in Zambia, where her policy solutions on how to reduce the HIV infection rates amongst adolescent girls and young women is being implemented in Zambia.

Musopa Kalenga