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The Carolina Forum was organized in July 1948 and aimed to bring leaders of government, labor, industry and education to speak on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The goal and tagline was “to bring to the campus of the oldest state university in the nation the best minds in the world.”

Governor Bill Haslam and Dan Gitterman at the “Answering the Call to Lead: To be the Force for Good for the State of Tennessee” Carolina Forum on March 19, 2018

A re-imagined Carolina Forum in the twenty-first century creates a new space and a place for discussion and debate on big domestic and global policy challenges. The Forum fosters non-partisan discussion and deliberation. Its mission is to educate and to engage students in a dialogue about key policy issues in the U.S. and around the globe.

The Forum hosts leaders in policy and politics, higher education, and the private and non-profit sector. The Forum provides an opportunity for students to evaluate the debate surrounding complex policy problems and to enhance their ability to reason through competing arguments.

President Margaret Spellings and Kati Haycock at the “Helping Every Child Succeed” Carolina Forum, September 22, 2016


Carolina Forum Events






Ending Hunger by 2025 (with Global Research Institute and UNC Food For All)Fan speaking

video of the lecture

“It is my commitment to work with you to reduce hunger and malnutrition in this world.”

~from Dr. fan’s lecture


The Carolina Forum is hosted by
UNC Public Policy (College of Arts & Sciences) with support from
the UNC Public Policy Fund and the Duncan MacRae Jr. Fund