Registration is now open for Summer Session courses!  Summer courses are a great chance to explore Public Policy or fulfill some of your Public Policy major or minor requirements in a small classroom setting, while enjoying a beautiful Chapel Hill summer.  Register for Summer School classes via Connect Carolina; you can find additional registration info here. Public Policy is offering the following courses this summer:

PLCY/PWAD 101: Making Public Policy  CANCELLED

MAYMESTER (May 16-June 1, MTWRF, 11:30 am-2:45 pm). (3 credit hours). Overview of the policy-making process and of major public policy issues. Study of policy and political challenges in areas such as economic and tax policy, the social safety net, income support and the minimum wage, health care, education, environment and energy, foreign policy and national security, and homeland security.

PLCY/PWAD/GLBL 110: Global Policy Issues  CANCELLED

MAYMESTER (May 16-June 1, MTWRF, 1:15-4:30 pm). (3 credit hours). Global issues are challenges whose sources, impacts, and solutions extend beyond the borders of any one country. This course introduces students to some of the most pressing issues facing populations around the globe and to possible policy responses.

PLCY 210: Policy Innovation and Analysis

MAYMESTER (May 16-June 1, MTWRF, 9:00 am-12:15 pm). (3 credit hours). There is a need to define innovative solutions to public policy problems, to provide analysis of different alternatives, and to create a course of action that would benefit the largest number of stakeholders. This course focuses on the process of constructing, evaluating, and deciding among alternatives based on their ability to satisfy society’s goals.

PLCY/PWAD 330: Negotiation and Mediation: The Practice of Conflict Management

MAYMESTER (May 16-June 1, 11:30 am-2:45 pm). (3 credit hours). Students will learn about meeting their interests when in conflict with another individual, organization, or government, redefining the meanings of “winning” and “power,” and coping with stress, discomfort, and emotions when in conflict. Students will learn new negotiation and mediation skills, build upon existing ones, and challenge assumptions regarding conflict.

PLCY 460: Quantitative Analysis for Public Policy

SUMMER SESSION I (May 16-June 21, MTR, 3:15-6:40pm). (4 credit hours). Application of statistical techniques, including regression analysis, in public policy program evaluation, research design, and data collection and management.