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The UNC Roosevelt Institute

The UNC Roosevelt Institute is a student-run think tank. It is a place for UNC students to discuss community issues and formulate responses to them. Roosevelt also provides a platform for students to find a broader audience for ideas they care about. Our chapter is a proud member of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, a national network of more than 85 campus chapters at colleges and universities across the United States.


Student research at the UNC Roosevelt has been published widely, primarily in the Roosevelt Institute’s national 10 Ideas series. Our members engage in the policy process in a wide variety of ways, including writing for national blogs and publishing white papers that address specific issues.

10 Ideas 2019: A Journal of Student-Generated Ideas from Across the Roosevelt Network


The UNC chapter strives to put its progressive policy principles into action to achieve real, tangible benefits for our community. We work with the local government, the UNC administration, non-profits, and other student groups to implement policy ideas and accomplish goals.


The UNC chapter meets as one conjunct group every week to discuss relevant public policy, plan impact projects within our community, and assist members with their research. Our executive board is as follows:

Get Involved

The UNC Roosevelt Institute is not limited to public policy majors or those with public policy experience. We welcome any UNC students who are passionate about making a difference in their community or state. To learn more about the UNC Roosevelt Institute, please email one of the co-presidents.