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The Education Policy Initiative at Carolina (EPIC) is a policy research and evaluation initiative within UNC Public Policy. EPIC conducts relevant and useful research and evaluation activities to facilitate the accumulation of knowledge about education policy and practice. Towards this end, we aim to cultivate and sustain research-to-practice partnerships—long-term, mutually beneficial collaborations between researchers and practitioners—with policymakers and educators across North Carolina. Our strategy is to conduct rigorous and relevant research, improve the use of research evidence in decision making, and engage researchers and practitioners in addressing problems of practice.


EPIC’s current projects fall into one of three domains:  (1) educator quality and impacts; (2) effective and equitable schools; and (3) post-secondary access, readiness, and completion.



Education Policy Initiative at Carolina (EPIC) UNC Public Policy
314 Cloister Court
Chapel Hill, NC  27514