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John Scott

Adjunct Research Associate Professor

Professor Scott’s research interests include: aging and work, retirement policy, lobbying, social network analysis, quantitative analysis, and public policy.

As Director of the Retirement Income Security Project at the Pew Charitable Trust, Dr. Scott will be implementing and directing the initiative, including hiring a team of researchers and policy analysts, overseeing the research agenda, serving as the project’s primary spokesperson and liaison to key policy audiences and the media, disseminating research findings widely and collaborating on fundraising.

The Retirement Income Security Project provides rigorous research to inform a series of policy discussions at the state and federal level about how to help families increase their private savings. The focus of this research is on employer-based retirement programs, such as 401k plans, as most families accumulate the bulk of their retirement savings at work.

Specifically, the project provides highly credible, independent, non-partisan research to address critical questions, including, significant factors that prevent employers from offering retirement plans or from implementing plan features that lead to greater savings, the impact of disclosure on plan fees, and how leading state and federal proposals to increase retirement savings would affect employers, workers and taxpayers. The project is also extensively engage influential policy makers, thought leaders, business organizations, and advocates in policy discussions that address these questions.

Dr. Scott’s position is based in Pew’s Washington DC office, and the Retirement Security Project is part of the Family Economic Stability portfolio.

John Scott