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Giovanny R. Alvarez

Giovanny R. Alvarez earned both his BA in Political Science and his MA in Political Studies, at the Universidad Nacional of Colombia.

Recently, Giovanny was a Rotary Peace Fellow, and received an MA in Global Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Giovanny has worked in highly contentious conflict zones in Colombia, advancing initiatives to prevent human rights violations and contribute to Colombia’s peace processes for more than 17 years. He served as the Prevention Component Coordinator at USAID’s Human Rights Program and promoting transitional justice through the United Nations Development Program, UNDP.

Giovanny is strongly motivated in peace consolidation in societies affected by warfare. He is interested in post-conflict policies and global security approaches for preventing criminality and new violence outbreaks. He has been a lecturer for undergraduate and graduate students in Humanitarian Action, Political Theory, and Security Politics in Colombia for police officers.

Giovanny R. Alvarez