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Gustavo Angeles

Adjunct Research Associate Professor

Gustavo Angeles is a health economist with interest in the impact of development programs on household’s demographic, health, and economic outcomes. His work focuses on applied evaluations of ongoing programs in developing countries as well as on methodological and measurement problems for estimating program impacts correctly.

Professor Angeles is currently examining the impact of cash transfer programs on poverty, human capital, and productive outcomes in Malawi, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. This work is part of the Transfer Project, a multi-country learning collaboration between UNC, UNICEF, FAO, and Save the Children, for conducting policy-oriented longitudinal evaluations of national cash transfer programs on human development.

Dr. Angeles is also Senior Evaluation Advisor for MEASURE Evaluation, a global USAID-funded project to improve the capacity for evaluating population, health and nutrition programs in developing countries. As part of this role, he is conducting impact evaluations of social marketing and nutrition programs in Bangladesh, of a local government strengthening program in Tanzania, of household economic empowerment program in Rwanda, and of a agricultural value change program in Guatemala.

Previous work included evaluations in Tanzania, Paraguay, Peru and Indonesia. Angeles was Deputy Director of MEASURE Evaluation during 2000-2010 with focus on capacity building, knowledge management and evaluation.

With researchers from Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health, INSP, where Dr. Angeles was Director of the Center for Evaluation Research and Surveys, he worked on the evaluation of the conditional cash transfer Oportunidades program, formerly PROGRESA, and of a non-contributory pension program to the elderly.

Dr. Angeles has conducted workshops on program impact evaluation in Vietnam, Costa Rica, Mexico, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Peru, and Ghana. He collaborates with a network of schools of public health and universities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to build impact evaluation capacity and conduct collaborative research.

Dr. Angeles has received an Award for Teaching Excellence and Innovation from the Gillings School of Global Public Health of UNC, where he is Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Maternal and Child Health.

Gustavo Angeles