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Research Associate Professor

Simona Goldin is a Visiting Scholar at EPIC and the Lead Research and Design Specialist at the Organizing to Learn Practice Project at the University of Michigan School of Education where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on educational policy, sociology of education, and multicultural education.

Her research interests include the relationship between policy and practice, efforts to improve teaching and learning in urban schools, and the work that students do in classrooms to learn. Her early work on studenting examined historically rooted arguments about the activities and tasks that students must engage in to learn, and examined how educators, theorists, researchers, and sociologists have understood studenting.
More recently, she has studied ways to transform the preparation of beginning teachers to teach in more equitable ways, and has elaborated the teaching practices that bridge children’s work in schools on academic content with their home and community-based experiences. With colleagues, she has designed and studied innovative instructional resources and unique opportunities–namely, home visits, performance assessments, and new pedagogies of teacher education. Across each of these has been the focus on supporting novice teachers’ capabilities to develop instructionally rich, respectful relationships with families. With her colleagues, Goldin has presented and written widely about this research.
Goldin holds a master’s degree in management and urban policy analysis from the New School University and a PhD in educational studies from the University of Michigan.