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(entered 2011) Kelly graduated with a B.A. with Honors in Public Policy and International Studies from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2010. There she received a summer fellowship to conduct independent research in Kenya and wrote her Honors Thesis on international humanitarian intervention policy. This undergraduate research experience formed the foundation of her desire to investigate the connection between policy, human behavior, and sustainable development. Kelly studies social and economic development policy and specifically how policies affect and interact with decision-making and social dynamics within the household. As a graduate research assistant at the Carolina Population Center, she has extensive experience in survey design, supervising data collection in the field, managing large data sets, quantitative program evaluation, consumption analysis, and poverty measurement. Her dissertation research focuses on the ways social protection policy improves family and child well-being as a way to address intergenerational poverty. To study these issues, she examines the impact of Malawi’s Social Cash Transfer Program on caregivers, household decision-making, and child developmental outcomes. She is expected to defend her dissertation by May 2016.