Teaching Assistant Professor

Evan Johnson holds bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and philosophy, as well as an MPA from the La Follette School of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Evan’s undergraduate research in environmental ethics and aesthetics of the natural environment formed the foundation of his desire to seek stronger connections between humans and the global environment. He has studied environmental and energy policy since 2006 when he began working as a cooperative environmental assistance intern at the Wisconsin Deparment of Natural Resources. As a Research Fellow at the U.S. EPA, he assessed the life-cycle climate impacts of consumption and materials management practices in the U.S. Evan’s research interests range from the characteristics of successful energy technologies to the broader implications of behavioral trends for climate and energy policy.

As a Duke Energy Progress Fellow at UNC, Evan developed an interdisciplinary social science research program that examines the environmental policy implications of energy behavior. His work aims to identify economic, as well as social, cultural, and attitudinal drivers of conservation,efficiency, and renewable energy practices. His chief empirical interests include the impact of social capital and norms on energy behavior, as well as barriers to economically efficient energy investments among firms, organizations, and households.