Teaching Assistant Professor

Daisha M. Merritt recently graduated with her Ph.D. in Strategic Leadership Studies from James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia (2015). Her concentration is in Nonprofit and Community Leadership. Daisha’s dissertation focused on governance as a form of leadership in the nonprofit sector. Her dissertation uncovered factors of coercive isomorphism exhibited in reporting practices in U.S. human service nonprofit organizations. Her current research is situated in the nonprofit sector and includes academic inquiries of leadership, strategy, pedagogy techniques, and philanthropy. She is a quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods researcher. Daisha strives to intermingle her research, teaching, and community service initiatives. She endeavors to bring a pracademic approach to her classroom instruction and a research based design to community consulting. Daisha also holds a BA in political science and international studies from Mars Hill College, North Carolina (2007) and an MBA from Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida (2010).