Research Assistant Professor

Cassandra Davis holds a Ph.D. in Education from UNC Chapel Hill.  Dr. Davis currently works as a qualitative researcher with several initiatives such as Gaining Early Awareness Readiness for Undergraduate Programs North Carolina (GEAR UP NC), North Carolina Transformation Partnership with Vanderbilt University, RAND, & NC Department of Public Instruction, IES/REL Southeastern American Indian Schooling in North Carolina.  Dr. Davis is the principal investigator for both GEAR UP NC Professional Development and the Hope Street Group Evaluation Dr. Davis previously consulted for local school systems where she assisted them on topics such as dropout prevention, teacher recruitment and retention, and program evaluation.  In addition, she completed a Global Education program in Bavaria, Germany where she taught a seminar on the globalized effects of dropouts, consulted for the Minster of Education on topics regarding integrated classrooms, and was invited to speak at the University of Porto concerning the effects of summer reading loss for elementary students.  Prior to her international experience, Dr. Davis taught in an alternative school in Wake Forest, NC.