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“In Texas and beyond, conservative Republican women are helping lead the fight to restrict abortion” by Professor Rebecca Kreitzer

In the piece published in the Monkey Cage of the Washington Post, Professor Kreitzer and colleagues highlight the role of Republican women in the abortion debate.  Read more.


Professor Cassandra Davis’ Coastal Resilience Center Research Team Publishes Report

Support Strategies for Socially Marginalized Neighborhoods Likely Impacted by Natural Hazards explores the disproportionate impacts of federal mitigation assistance on socially marginalized groups and under-resourced neighborhoods. Read more.


Highlighting UNC Public Policy Alum Research

Abigail Holdsclaw ’21 made use of a rich data source housed at the Environmental Finance Center in the School of Government to understand the disparities in water affordability in North Carolina.  Read more.


Former NC Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. Mandy Cohen to deliver Lambeth Lecture

Please join UNC Public Policy for the 13th annual Thomas Willis Lambeth Distinguished Lecture in Public Policy on Wednesday, March 23, 2022, at 5pm in Hill Hall. (Ethan Hyman/The News & Observer via AP) For full details and the link for a virtual option, click further. Read more.


Professor Steve Hemelt Emphasizes the Importance of Teacher Assistants

In a Brookings article, Professor Hemelt and colleagues address the essential function of teacher assistants as the education system manages the challenges of COVID disruptions.  Read more.


Professor Ashu Handa named co-director of the African Studies Center

Professor Handa will help guide the center in its mission to sustain and strengthen teaching of African languages and to promote research, academic opportunities and artistic exchange related to the African continent. Read more.



Professor Carmen Gutierrez Interviewed on “Pod Save the People” Podcast

Professor Gutierrez speaks about health insurance complications for previously incarcerated persons (about minute 36).  Read more.


U.S. Health Policy Class “People’s Choice” Podcast Winner Announced

For the Public Policy’s U.S. Health Policy class podcast project, student teams researched policies relevant to contemporary health and health care issues in the United States. Congratulations to Callan Hazeldine, Zainab Maniya, Lily Lehman, and Tejaswi Siripurapu for their award-winning podcast on the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid Expansion! Read more.


Capstone Students Make Impact

Public Policy students presented recommendations to the Rocky Mount City Council based on their capstone project, encouraging the council to leverage a community land trust to help create accessible and affordable housing and increase homeownership rates locally.  Read more.


PILOT21 (Policy Innovation Leaders for Tomorrow 2021) project announced

NCSU’s Institute for Emerging Issues will be working with students from nine North Carolina universities to identify a big issue they want to think about, develop policies for, and seek opportunities to share their ideas with state and local leaders. Read more.


UNC Public Policy PhD Graduate to Receive APPAM Award

Sanya Carley ’10 has been selected to receive the David N. Kershaw Award and Prize for her contributions to the field of public policy analysis and management.  Read more.


Professor Ashu Handa Publishes on the Future of UNICEF

As the executive director steps down, Professor Handa and his co-author have insights into how the agency can adapt and remain effective and relevant. Read more.


Professor Iheoma Iruka Named to The U.S. Census Bureau National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic and Other Populations (NAC)

Professor Iruka will advise the Census Bureau when focusing “on the identification of new strategies for improved census operations, survey and data collection methods, including identifying cost-efficient ways to increase census participation” and reduce the undercount.  Read more.


Public Policy major Lamar Richards selected for Eva Clayton Fellowship program by North Carolina Democratic Party

The fellowship, named after the first African American woman to represent North Carolina in congress, allows college students to learn the intricacies of policy, organizational leadership, and strategy using North Carolina politics. Lamar plans to learn more about the inner workings of the North Carolina Democratic Party and applicable strategy and policy skills that could be useful in Law School. Read more.


Professor Rebecca Kreitzer Receives Gender and Political Psychology Network 2020 Early Career Research Award

The awarding committee was impressed by Dr. Kreitzer’s outstanding research record and thought that her current and future work aims to make important contributions in the study of gender, political psychology, and public policy. Congratulations, Professor Kreitzer! Read more.


UNC Public Policy Major Rachel Jones Awarded 2021 Weaver-James-Corrigan Postgraduate Scholarship Award

Rachel is one of only three Tar Heels receiving the award for ACC student-athletes intending to pursue graduate school. Read more.


Professor Doug MacKay Weighs in on Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Durham is proposing a pilot project to provide formerly incarcerated individuals with $500 per month, one example of a basic income policy. Professor MacKay discusses various aspects of UBI along with a colleague from UNC’s philosophy, politics & economics program in The Well. Read more.


Professor Maryann Feldman and Recent PhD Alums Publish in the Journal of Business Venturing Insights

Professor Feldman, Paige Clayton, and Emily Nwakpuda explore the connection between entrepreneurs and philanthropy. Read more.


Professors Cassandra Davis and Joaquin Rubalcaba co-author “Distance Learning and Parental Mental Health During COVID-19”

Appearing in Educational Researcher, their research shows that parents with children who struggled with distance learning experience elevated levels of mental distress. Read more.


Carolina Graduate Certificate in Innovation

The nine-credit program, co-sponsored by UNC Public Policy, will launch in spring 2021, teaching design thinking skills for solving complex problems across diverse fields of research and practice. Read more.


Standard evaluations of teaching suffer from known biases highlighted in Inside Higher Ed.

Professor Rebecca Kreitzer’s research shows that standard evaluations don’t measure teaching well and can be biased against already marginalized faculty. “This research is some of the work I’m most proud of because it has such direct policy relevance. In this paper, we make 6 policy recommendations on how to improve SETs that are easy to implement and have the potential to make a big impact for a lot of people,” she said. Read more.


Professor Ben Meier publishes Foundations of Global Health and Human Rights

Hanna Huffstetler, Tamira Daniely, Hannah Rice, and Nikky Soni worked with Professor Meier on the piece which examines health and human rights through the lens of the current pandemic. From the publication: “The COVID-19 pandemic has provided an important opportunity to cultivate a practice of human rights advocacy, but these skills will serve us beyond the current moment and remain important for the rest of our lives.” Read more.


Graduate student Elc Estrera selected for Equity & Inclusion Fellowship

The Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) awarded the prestigious fellowship to just 20 students this year, with the goal of introducing recipients to the world of public policy and APPAM and foster a lifelong affiliation and engagement with both. Read more.


Recent Public Policy graduate Sarah Mackenzie awarded Rhodes Scholarship

A very warm congratulations to Sarah, who plans to study for a MPhil in Social Policy and Intervention at Oxford. Read more.


Professor MacKay answers tough questions about pandemic ethics.

In an interview with UNC’s “The Well,” Professor MacKay addresses the politicized issue of mask wearing from an ethical standpoint. Read more.


Recent alums deliver press conference on the Impact of COVID 19 on North Carolina

A group of recent graduates analyzed current data and presented their findings at a Zoom press conference with support from UNC Public Policy. A recording of the conference and detailed data are linked on this website—see Read More. Read more.


Graduate student Dillan Bono-Lunn publishes “Hungry Children: The Increasing Demand for Free and Reduced Price Lunch in North Carolina

Bono-Lunn and Carolina Demography colleague Rebecca Tippett take a look at unfortunate recent trends in NC school children qualifying for the program. Read more.



Professor Ben Meier publishes Foundations of Global Health and Human Rights

The book, published under the Oxford University Press, systematically examines the impact of human rights across public health challenges. Read more.


Professor Cassandra Davis publishes more work on COVID-19 and first-generation college students.

Professor Davis and her collaborators discuss the urgent need to identify the unique needs of first-generation college goers as the pandemic continues to cause major disruptions. Read more.


Professor Steve Hemelt publishes about the move to online education on Brookings

Professor Hemelt and his co-author examine why the move to online instruction won’t reduce college costs. Read more.


Professor Carmen Gutierrez’s research is highlighted on “This Week Tonight” with John Oliver

Professor Gutierrez’s article Jury Pool Underrepresentation in the Modern Era: Evidence from Federal Courts is sited (at about 2:20) on Oliver’s August 16th show shedding light on the discriminatory practices of jury selection. Read more.


Professor Doug MacKay publishes in the journal of Philosophy and Public Affairs

Professor MacKay examines the ethics of randomized controlled tests in policy making. Read more.


Professor Cassandra Davis to lead a COVID-19 research team

Among the many issues faced by students due to the pandemic, Professor Davis focuses on college persistence in first-generation college students. Read more.



Professor Douglas MacKay and PhD student Katherine Saylor participated in research examining “controlled human infection” studies

The research team recently published on the ethics of using humans to accelerate the development of a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 in Science. The article develops an ethical framework to evaluate the justifiability of such studies, which involve the deliberate exposure of healthy volunteers to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Read more.


Professor Ben Meier interviewed for Focus Carolina

Professor Meier discusses his research into the spread of the novel coronavirus and the role of public policy during the pandemic. Read more.


Professor Steve Hemelt recognized as Outstanding Reviewer for 2019

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) and Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis awarded Professor Hemelt the honor for outstanding professional service to AERA journals, the association itself, and to education research. Read more.

Cassandra Davis reflects on her disaster research in the age of COVID 19

Education researcher Davis notes similarities in schools’ challenges from natural disasters and the coronavirus pandemic in an EdNC op-ed. Read more.


Carolina Public Humanities Presents Warfare, Society, & the Military

Professor Sullivan will be giving a talk on Lethal Aid: Security Assistance & Human Security on February 20. For details, visit: Read more.


Public Policy Alum Seve Gaskin ‘14 in the Spotlight

Seve is profiled in Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy’s
Masters of Public Policy program. Read more.


Public Policy Alum Sandy Alkoutami ’18 in the Spotlight

Sandy Alkoutami earns prestigious Schwarzman Scholarship Read more.


Professor Maryann Feldman Invited to Testify Before Congress

The Subcommittee on Research and Technology in the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology has invited Professor Feldman to testify in a hearing titled “America’s Seed Fund: A Review of SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) and STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer)” in order to review the role of the programs in helping to move the results of Federally funded research into commercial development and generating new economic growth, as well as in assisting federal science agencies in meeting their respective missions. Read more.


Professor Doug MacKay and PhD student Kate Saylor publish “Four Faces of Fair Subject Selection,” in The American Journal of Bioethics.

MacKay and Saylor provide ethical guidance to policymakers and researchers regarding the fair selection of research participants in the context of clinical research. Read more.


UNC Public Policy Welcome Back Reception

Thursday, August 22nd from 4:00-6:00 PM | FedEx Global Education Center, 4th Floor – UNC Public Policy and the Public Policy Majors Union will host a reception to celebrate the start of a new academic year. Stop by anytime to meet public policy majors and faculty. All students are welcome! Kindly click on “Read More” to RSVP. Read more.


Public Policy major Allie Omens wins Three Zeros Student Leadership Award

Allie focuses on waste reduction policy and is currently completing an Honors Thesis in Public Policy focused on surplus food redistribution in New York City. Read more.


Professor Brigitte Seim co-publishes Varieties of Democracy: Measuring Two Centuries of Political Change

Professor Seim and her collaborators introduce new, measurable concepts of democracy and many political institutions in this ambitious, data-rich project. Read more.


Nine Public Policy students Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa

Congratulations to Aditi Adhikari, Melissa Delaney Bard, William Colter Hall, Ying He, Becca Grace Heilman, Katherine Ann Kelker, Jacqueline Litynski, Anwesha Nandi, and Mollie Anna Pepper! Read more.


Public Policy major Allie Omens wins Three Zeros Student Leadership Award

Allie focuses on waste reduction policy and is currently completing an Honors Thesis in Public Policy focused on surplus food redistribution in New York City. Read more.


Carolina Forum “Saving Democracy” on November 4, 5:30pm in Gerrard Hall

Jean Parvin Bordewich, through her work at the Hewlett Foundation, supports non-profits such as the Millennial Action Project to strengthen democracy in the U.S. with a particular focus on Congress. Read more.


PhD students and Professor Feldman publish article and op-ed

Scott Langford, Allison Lowe Reed, and Adams Nager—along with their advisor, Professor Maryann Feldman–examine the nature of place and how the ongoing Amazon HQ2 contest was a powerful example of intra-regional competition in the technology industry with “Catching the whale: A comparison of place promotion strategies through the lens of Amazon HQ2” in Geography Compass. Read more.


Professor Cassandra Davis discusses her Research on the Impacts of Hurricanes on Schools.

Through her NSF grant, Professor Davis looked at the effects of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Hurricane Matthew in NC and will discuss her findings at the Odum Institute’s speaker series highlighting the interdisciplinary impacts of social science research on September 27 at noon in Toy Lounge (Dey Hall). Read more.


Professor Doug MacKay and a former student publish in The Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics

Professor MacKay and Samuel Fitz examine whether geographic disparities in access to donated livers are always unfair. The research was made possible by the Duncan MacRae Jr. Mentored Research Assistant Grant. Read more.


Professor Brigitte Seim’s Digital Society Project makes an impact

Professor Seim and colleagues started the project with the goal of analyzing the complex effects of Internet and social media on the different layers of society. A recent change in policy in Taiwan cited the project as a primary reason for the policy change. Read more.


2019 Lambeth Lecture

President of Purdue University and former governor of Indiana Mitch Daniels will deliver the Thomas Willis Lambeth Distinguished Lecture in Public Policy “How Much ‘Higher’ is Higher Education?” on September 24 at 5pm in Moeser Auditorium (Hill Hall). Read more.


UNC Public Policy Welcome Back Reception | Thursday, August 22nd from 4:00-6:00 PM | FedEx Global Education Center, 4th Floor

UNC Public Policy and the Public Policy Majors Union will host a reception to celebrate the start of a new academic year. Stop by anytime to meet public policy majors and faculty. All students are welcome! Kindly click on “Read More” to RSVP. Read more.


Professor Doug Lauen participates in the education-themed
NC Leadership Forum

Professor Lauen discussed his work on charter schools and segregation at a meeting of the forum, hosted by High Point University. Read more.


Public Policy graduating senior forged her path for success

Carolina Covenant Scholar Randi Thompson says “If you are willing to work hard and make sacrifices, you can overcome the barriers to coming to college.” Read more.


2019 Distinguished Commencement Speaker Announced

Calyssa Zellars, UNC Public Policy alumna and attorney at Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP in Detroit, named commencement speaker. Read more.


Public Policy major Gabby Hubert awarded Burch Fellowship

Gabby will travel to Yangon, Myanmar for two and a half months to work at the Asia Foundation. Read more.


Professors Rebecca Kreitzer and Candis Watts Smith and graduate student Feiya Suo win award from Midwest Political Science Association

Their work, “The Dynamics of Racial Resentment Across the 50 U.S. States,” was chosen as a co-winner of the award for the best paper on a topic investigating race or ethnicity and politics. Read more.


Public Policy alum awarded prestigious Junior Fellows selection

Sandy Alkoutami has been chosen as a James C. Gaither Junior Fellow in Middle Eastern studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Read more.


Professor Steve Hemelt elected to Association for Education Finance and Policy board

Professor Hemelt will serve a 3 year term with the organization whose mission is to promote understanding of means by which resources are generated, distributed, and used to enhance human learning. Read more.


Professor Jeremy Moulton participates in Brookings panel March 14

As part of Brookings’ conference Can big data improve economic measurement?—offered simultaneously as a webcast—Professor Moulton’s work on using Zillow microdata to value housing services will be part of the discussion of case studies using big, privately gathered data. Read more.


Professor Gutierrez Wins Grant

The Russell Sage Foundation awarded Professor Carmen Gutierrez a grant for her project “The ACA and the Demography of the U.S. Criminal Justice Population.” Read more.




Public Policy graduate shines in State Attorney’s Office

Sabrina Marcos, a newly hired assistant state attorney, won a mock trial opening statement contest. Read more.


Carolina Forum: The Media as Superpower for Public Good

Stephen Friedman is an Emmy and Peabody award-winning creator of social impact campaigns. Using the power of storytelling and SYP’s experience in large-scale transformation, he partners with CEOs and philanthropists to tackle some of the biggest social challenges we face.
Friday, April 5, 2019 | 10AM | Halls of Fame Room, Carroll Hall | School of Media and Journalism


Public Policy major Priya Sridhar gains experience at Oxford

Priya, whose academic interest is particularly focused on the intersection between criminal justice and mental health, and an Oxford University Professor of Forensic Psychiatry worked on a systematic review examining prison healthcare last summer. Read more.


Graduate student Averi Chakrabarti posts on the World Bank’s Development Impact site

Averi highlights the immediate human health impact of the rapid rates of deforestation in Indonesia due to forest loss-induced spikes in malaria in her guest post. Read more.


Professor Cassandra Davis in the Spotlight

Highlighting her work for the NSF-funded research study “Investigating the Impact of Hurricanes and School Responses on Students in Texas and North Carolina,” Professor Davis is in the UNC Office of Research Development Faculty Spotlight. Read more.


Professor Carmen Gutierrez’s work on Patterns of Insurance Coverage is highlighted.

In addition to publication of her findings on healthcare coverage before and after the Affordable Care Act, Professor Gutierrez discusses the roles of employment, marriage, and other factors in explaining patterns of insurance coverage on “The Measure of Everyday Life.” Read more.



Professors Kreitzer and Smith publish “Variation in Title X Leads to Contraception Deserts”

The recent convergence of abortion and contraceptive politics has led to areas where affordable contraception is difficult to come by. Read more.


Register for the Public Sector Internship Fair, November 30!

The Public Sector Internship Fair on Friday, November 30, will feature internship opportunities with a variety of public sector organizations as well as skill-building workshops that will prepare you for your next big opportunity. All students are welcome! Register and find more information at Read more.


2018 Thomas Willis Lambeth Distinguished Lecture

President of the Association of American Universities and UNC alumna Mary Sue Coleman will deliver the 2018 Lambeth Lecture on November 29. Read more.


Attend the UNC Public Policy Experiential Education Showcase!

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, 12:30-2:00 pm, join students from the Capstone, Internship, and Applied Qualitative Research Methods courses as they share their work with community partners. Read more.


Start-Up Garage Lunch featuring Stephen Friedman

Please join us at a lunch conversation with Stephen Friedman as he discusses his career path and experiences with innovation and entrepreneurship. Read more.


Carolina Forum

Accomplished alumnus Don Baer ’76 will discuss his career, which has spanned leading roles as a media and communications executive for a wide range of business, government and non-profit organizations, on October 10. Read more.


North Carolina Student Achievement

Professor Lauen publishes a policy brief for the MyFutureNC commission on elementary and secondary test score achievement trends and the relationship between achievement and postsecondary access. Read more.


Public Policy Capstone Project Makes the News

Students working with WomenNC found that low-income women of color are “particularly burdened” by gentrification in Durham. Read more.



Public Policy major Emily Hagstrom honored by Chancellor Folt

Congratulations to Emily for receiving the 2018 University Award for the Advancement of Women for her work as the co-founder of the Carolina Feminist Coalition, co-chair of Carolina Advocating for Gender Equity, senior print editor of The Siren Magazine and a program developer and volunteer at the Carolina Women’s Center. Read more.


15 Weeks in D.C.

Carolina Arts and Sciences magazine profiles the UNC Honors Seminar on Public Policy and Global Affairs. Read more.



Two articles in the Spring 2018 JPAM from UNC Public Policy

Ashu Handa and Gustavo Angeles’ “Paying for Happiness: Experimental Results from a Large Cash Transfer Program in Malawi” and Jeremy Mouton’s “Who Benefits from Targeted Property Tax Relief? Evidence from Virginia Elections” Read more.


Governor Bill Haslam (TN) at the Carolina Forum

Governor Haslam impressed students and faculty with his leadership on education policies at the Carolina Forum. Read more.



The Fragile State of the National Institutes of Health Pediatric Research Portfolio, 1992-2015 Doing More With Less?

Professor Gitterman and colleagues examine the fragile state of biomedical spending on childhood diseases. Read more.


Rep. Chaz Beasley (NC) to deliver UNC Public Policy Commencement Address

The UNC 2018 Public Policy commencement took place Saturday May 12 at 2 pm at The Friday Center. Read more.



PLCY 349 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Simulation

In this simulation, students portray a variety of roles (policy analyst, Senator, member of the media, bill writer, etc.) and create from the ground up a comprehensive immigration reform bill in the U.S. Senate. Read more.


March 20 Carolina Forum: “The Key to Generosity”

Rachael Chong, CEO and Founder of Catchafire, a community of individuals striving to push the social good sector forward by focusing on efficient and effective ways to give back. Read more.


March 19 Carolina Forum with Governor Bill Haslam (TN)

“Answering the Call to Lead: To be the Force for Good for the State of Tennessee” Under his leadership, Tennessee is recognized as a national leader in education, economic development, efficient government and fiscal strength. Read more.


December Graduate Analisa Sorrells Finds Dream Job Through Service Learning

Studies in Public Policy and opportunities for public service shaped Analisa’s path to find a role that combines her scholarly pursuits and personal passion. Read more.


Public Policy Senior Andrea Barnes Awarded 2017 Harvey E. Beech Outstanding Senior Award

Mr. Harvey E. Beech was the first African American graduate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the Outstanding Senior Award recognizes an African-American graduating senior who has excelled academically, displayed outstanding leadership abilities and has been a pillar within the campus community. Read more.


Public Policy PhD Graduate Questions EPA Policy in “The Hill.”

Jeremy Firestone ‘00 questions the repeal of the production tax credit for wind energy generators, which he argues is diametrically opposed to EPA’s central mission. Read more.


Professor Ben Meier & Travis Crayton Publish
in the Journal of Transport and Health

Crayton, the 2013 student commencement speaker in Public Policy and currently a graduate student in City and Regional Planning, collaborated with Professor Meier on transportation policies related to autonomous vehicles. Read more.


Education Policy Initiative at Carolina (EPIC) assists Durham Public Schools with Survey

Despite being evidence-based, many parents in Durham
are not happy with later start times for high school students. Read more.


Professor Pam Jagger to lead 5-Year NSF Funded PIRE Award focused on energy poverty in Southern Africa

Professor Jagger’s work on energy issues in sub-Saharan Africa continues with $4.8 million grant. Read more.


Professor Ashu Handa Discusses Cash Aid on NPR

Professor Handa’s research shows tremendous value in cash aid, but preconceptions about the poor seems to trump the evidence. Read more.


UNC Public Policy & Campus Y to Host PATHHS Program

In a unique partnership between UNC-Chapel Hill and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, PATHSS is designed to help high school students with intellectual and developmental disabilities prepare for life after high school. Read more.


Thomas Willis Lambeth Lecture “Are the U.S. and China Destined for War?”

With near-constant geopolitical actions in Asia causing many across the world to wonder about possible outcomes, Lambeth lecturer Graham Allison explored the topic of a war with China in Hill Hall on the evening of September 13th.

Left to right: Pete Andrews, Senator Jim Sasser, Graham Allison, Chancellor Carol Folt, Dean Kevin Guskiewicz, Doug Dibbert Read more.


Carolina Forum (Sept 26): It Was All A Dream? Black Millennials and the American Dream in the 21st Century

Freelance producer and writer Reniqua Allen and Chairman and CEO of Onset Capital Partners Wendell McCain along with UNC professors Candis Watts Smith and Jim Johnson discussed issues surrounding race, class, and social mobility. Read more.


Anastasia Soule receives 2017 Hodding Carter Fellowship for her project in Cape Town

This summer, Anastasia will travel to Cape Town, South Africa to intern with StreetSleeper, a social-startup that “upcycles” used billboard vinyls into sleeping bags for the homeless community. The homeless problem in Cape Town—which has a population of 7000 people without permanent residence– is incredibly interlocked with greater socioeconomic and race issues. Read more.


Carolina Forum: Social and Economic Inequality in America

On the afternoon of April 11, 2017 in the Sonja Haynes Stone Center Auditorium, the Carolina Forum hosted a conversation with Mary Beth Maxwell (SVP for Foundation Programs at the Human Rights Campaign) and Dorian T. Warren (President of the Center for Community Change Action and VP of the Center for Community Change). Read more.


Public Policy major Emily Hagstrom writes an op-ed piece for the N&O

Emily is a rising senior public policy major and participated in the Honors Seminar in Public Policy and Global Affairs this spring, where she interned at National Women’s Law Center. Read more.



Congratulations to UNC Public Policy Graduates 2017!

The UNC Public Policy class of 2017 completed more than two dozen Capstone Projects in the community, working in real-world policy environments with organizations such as the Centre for Homeownership and Economic Development Corporation and Dementia Inclusive Durham. Read more.


The Honors Seminar on Public Policy and Global Affairs (Spring 2017)

The Honors Seminar on Public Policy and Global Affairs hosts a record 30 Carolina undergraduates in Washington, D.C. Read more.



Professor Maryann Feldman and colleagues awarded Urban Land Institute Prize

Professor Feldman’s paper – The economic value of local social networks – was selected as the best paper published in the Journal of Economic Geography in 2015 by Oxford University Press and the Urban Land Institute, UK. Read more.


Professor Jeremy Moulton and colleagues receive the 2016 Excellence in Research on Military and Veteran Families Award

Research exploring the World War II GI Bill, marriage and socioeconomic outcomes earns Mouton and his co-authors recognition from Military Family Research Institute at Purdue. Read more.


UNC Public Policy major and scholar-athlete defends honors thesis entitled “Measuring the Human Right to Food: A U.S. Policy Perspective”

Phi Beta Kappa member, field hockey player, and Public Policy major Sam Night successfully balances scholastics and athletics as a Tarheel.  Read more.


NYT Journalist and UNC President visit Public Policy

New York Times journalist Frank Bruni and President Margaret Spellings visited Policy 101 to discuss the election, faith in the democratic process, and education reform for the state of North Carolina.  Read more.



The Carolina Covenant Is Much More Than A Scholarship Program

The Carolina Covenant puts Public Policy major Andrea Barnes ’18 first — she’s UNC-Chapel Hill’s first Mount Vernon Leadership Fellow, as well as the first in her family to go to college and to travel abroad.  Read more.


UNC policy major Josh Smith writes N&O op ed

“I’m a college senior, a black man from inner city Atlanta, and I spent the summer riding the backroads of Orange County as an intern with the Sheriff’s Office.”  Read more.



Professor Mackay and Public Policy alumna publish on organ donation policies

Doug Mackay and Alexandra Robinson investigate the ethics of governmental policies’ use of nudges to affect organ donor registration rates (American Journal of Bioethics).  Read more.


Professor Ashu Handa weighs in on the value of unconditional cash transfers

Professor Handa and colleague Amber Peterman make the case for “cash without strings” as an effective agent in economic development policy.  Read more.



Margaret Spellings and Kati Haycock Talk Education Policy

President Spellings and The Education Trust CEO Haycock found some common ground during the Carolina Forum on September 22.  Read more.


UNC Public Policy Major Josh Smith is Making His Mark

With a compelling story and a willingness to share it, Josh is inspiring both his classmates and faculty during his time at Carolina. And with an internship developed especially for him in the Orange County Sherriff’s Office, he’s spreading that inspiration out to the community.  Read more.


Hodding Carter Public Policy Fellow Diane Li Researches the Role Banking Plays in Poverty in the Mid-South

Branch banking, an early innovation in North Carolina that led to significant economic development in the first part of the 20th century, is on the decline in many parts of the South. Li’s work in analyzing branch bank closures sheds light on the challenges such closures present to high-poverty communities.  Read more.


Professor Brigitte Zimmerman’s Work in African Elections Sheds Light on Voter Attitudes

African voters may actually have a negative response to elected officials who promote action on climate change according to research conducted by Brigitte Zimmerman and colleague Nick Obradovich.  Read more.



Professor Pam Jagger awarded National Science Foundation grant

Professor Pam Jagger is the principal Investigator of a recently awarded $1.5 million + NSF grant that will seek to investigate linkages between the use of biomass energy in Southern Africa and its coupled impacts on human, terrestrial, and atmospheric systems.  Read more.


2016 Lambeth Lecture “Reforming Our Criminal Justice System”

The Lambeth Lecture series is very pleased to present the Honorable Alex Kozinski and the Honorable Tom Ross in conversation about reforms needed in the American criminal justice system. The event is free and open to the public.  Read more.



Carolina Forum Welcomes Kati Haycock and Margaret Spellings

CEO of the Education Trust Kati Haycock and UNC President Margaret Spellings will discuss “Making Every Child Succeed” for the next Carolina Forum on September 22, at 6pm in the Great Hall.  Read more.



Kara-MitchellPolicy major Kara Mitchell named Southern Education Leadership Initiative Fellow

After winning an SELI Fellowship, Kara Mitchell is interning for 8 weeks at Texas Appleseed in Austin Texas, conducting research on how the school-to-prison pipeline is impacting students in Texas this summer and strategies for improving discipline policies and practices.  Read more.



Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 2.48.03 PMUNC Public Policy Alumna selected for Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship Program

Tiffany Marie Cox, a member of the class of 2016 majoring in Public Policy and Global Studies, has been selected for the distinguished Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship. Read more.



SodasEnding SNAP-Subsidized Purchases of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages:The Need for a Pilot Project

PhD candidate Nicole Ross and Professor Doug MacKay argue that in reforming the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, eliminating the ability to purchase sugary beverages through the program makes good public health sense and should be tested.  Read more.



p_ss_barnes_andreaPublic Policy major Andrea Barnes is UNC’s 1st Mount Vernon Leadership Fellows program recipient

Andrea Barnes, a second year student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has been selected as the University’s first recipient of the Mount Vernon Leadership Fellows program, a competitive, five and a half week leadership development program for rising college juniors who want to make a difference.  Read more.



Spring 2016 Carolina Forum: A Tale of Two Trailblazers

A Tale of Two Trailblazers showcased the rich experiences of distinguished North Carolinians Eva M. Clayton and Harvey
Gantt.  Read more.


830-RC13_coverA Report Card for Poverty

UNC public policy professor Ashu Handa leads the research team responsible for developing the Innocenti Report Card from UNICEF.  The Report Card’s focus on rich countries serves as a reminder that there is still significant child poverty in the world’s wealthiest countries, and some of these countries do a much better job at addressing child poverty than others.  Read more.


capstone-project-_-pasquotank1-002Making a Difference!

The Public Policy Capstone course, required for all policy majors, provides real-world experience as students apply the skills they have learned at Carolina to policy problems related to a wide range of topics.  Working on projects for governmental and non-profit agencies around the region, participants enhance their analytical processes, put into practice the interdisciplinary skills they mastered at UNC, and gain a practical understanding of the way their knowledge will be used in the workplace.  Read more.


Abstract PreviewThe Social and Productive Impacts of Zambia’s Child Grant

Professor Sudhanshu Handa along with collaborators recently published their research on the Zambian Government’s Child Grant, an unconditional cash transfer to families with children under age 5, one of the first studies to assess both protective and productive impacts of a national unconditional cash transfer program.  Using a wide range of conditions and outcomes, the project reveals it is unlikely that cash alone is not enough to solve all constraints faced by Zambia’s poor, rural households, though the program contributes positively to these families’ lives.  Read More.



K.-Morris-Belk-Photo-1-1024x683UNC Public Policy Chair Gitterman Interviews Katie Morris Belk

Improvement of K-12 public education through investments in early grade learning and quality teachers and school leaders are the focus of the Belk Foundation. Research and programs, including many from the University of North Carolina (UNC) system, inform the Foundation’s investments, partnerships, and advocacy.  Read More.


StevenHemeltProfessor Steve Hemelt Named as Research Fellow

Public Policy Professor Steve Hemelt has been named a Research Fellow by the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Bonn, Germany, a leading institute for research on all facets of labor economics and policy.  Read more.


ep_chart_001Gitterman, Moulton and Bono: Can “Some College” Help Reduce Future Earnings Inequality?

Public Policy Faculty and a Ph.D. student address the policy debate over “college for all” versus “college for some” in the United States and analyze the relationship between “some college” (as a formal education attainment category) and earnings.  Read more. PDF download.


phi_beta_kappaPhi Beta Kappa Spring 2016

UNC’s Department of Public Policy is proud to announce seven of our majors have been inducted in the Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa spring 2016. Grayson Berger, Stephen Cone, Flora Feng, Joshua Green, Brianne Marino. These students have worked hard throughout their undergraduate careers and have accepted the prestigious offer to join Phi Beta Kappa.  Read more.


HemeltProfessor Steve Hemelt Examines the Cost of College

Steve Hemelt recently collaborated with Dave Marcotte, director of the Washington Institute for Public Affairs Research at American University, on a project examining the cost of college for the majority of America’s students. Read about their findings in Marcotte’s Baltimore Sun article. Read more.


Fan-speaking_crop1Fall 2015 Carolina Forum: Ending Hunger by 2025

Dr. Shenggen Fan, who has been director general of the International Food Policy Research Institute since 2009, joined UNC in its Food for All theme at a public lecture on October 23, providing a broad overview of key issues related to the current state of food security, the critical policy issues and challenges facing a world seeking to feed a growing population, as well as highlight potential solutions and causes for hope. Read more.


Professor Krista Perreira co-authors Urban Institute Report Health and Social Service Needs of US-Citizen Children with Detained or Deported Immigrant Parents

Between 2003 and 2013, the US government deported 3.7 million immigrants to their home countries, over 90 percent of whom were unauthorized immigrants from Mexico or Central America. According to the most reliable estimates, parents of US-born children made up between one-fifth and one-quarter of this total.  Read more.


Professor Dan Gitterman Weighs in on President Obama

Professor Dan Gitterman weighed in on President Obama’s use of executive orders to shape policy in a recent USA Today article.  “Federal procurement is a powerful weapon by which American presidents attempt to expand their power and shape public policy in areas in which Congress has not acted or will not act,” he argues.  For more on the “power of the purchaser,” see this article in Presidential Studies Quarterly.  Read more.


Climate-LEAP-Pam-Jagger3WEBMaking Climate Change Connections

Exposure to cookstove smoke from burning fuels such as wood and charcoal is the largest risk factor for disease and death in Rwanda.
Pam Jagger, associate professor of public policy and environment and ecology, discussed her research on the health and environmental dangers of cookstove smoke in sub-Saharan Africa during an August workshop for high school students in the Climate Leadership and Energy Awareness Program (LEAP).  Read More.


DCPublicPolicy-CityClubEvents_182UNC Public Policy and Honors Carolina: Knowledge, Skills & Experience in Washington, D.C.

The Honors Seminar on Public Policy and Global Affairs (formerly The Burch Field Research Seminar on Domestic and International Affairs) offers Carolina undergraduates a unique learning, living and internship opportunity in our nation’s capital. The seminar offers students first-hand engagement with the actors and organizations that influence domestic international affairs in Washington, D.C.  Read more.


patricia-sullivanProfessor Tricia Sullivan Named Andrew Carnegie Foundation Fellow

The Andrew Carnegie Fellows are an exceptional group of established and emerging scholars, journalists, and authors whose work distills knowledge, enriches our culture, and equips leaders in the realms of science, law, business, public policy, and the arts. Sullivan’s project investigates the long term impacts of providing lethal assistance to non-state armed groups and the factors that mitigate or exacerbate the negative effects of state sponsored weapons flows into conflict zones.  Read more.