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The Thomas Willis Lambeth Distinguished Lectureship

Every year, UNC Public Policy partners with the Lambeth Lecture Committee to host the Thomas Willis Lambeth Distinguished Lectureship. The Lambeth Lectureship was established in 2006 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by the generous gift of an anonymous donor. Its purpose is to bring to campus distinguished speakers who are practitioners or scholars of public policy, particularly those whose work touches on the fields of education, ethics, democratic institutions, and civic engagement.

The UNC Health & Human Rights Lecture Series

The UNC Health & Human Rights Lecture Series seeks to elaborate the human rights principles that frame public health policy. In considering human rights under international law as a basis for public health, this annual lecture has shifted the analysis of global health debates from social justice to legal accountability, elevating human rights from principle to practice. Established in 2011 with the UNC Center for Bioethics, this lecture series has brought to campus global leaders in the application of human rights to public health, including Sofia Gruskin, Catarina de Albuquerque, Lawrence Gostin, and Veronica Magar.

The Policy Research Group

The Policy Research Group (PRG) is an interdisciplinary working group for scholars to present and solicit feedback on current research relevant to public policy, broadly defined. Presenters give a talk that lasts approximately 35 minutes, followed by about 25 minutes of question and answer time. The presentations may be on research at different stages of completion. While most presentations will present relatively polished work, some presentations may be research designs or projects in progress. Presenters are encouraged to circulate a draft of the research on which the presentation is based prior to the presentation. While PRG participants are primarily graduate students and faculty in Public Policy, all members of the university community are welcome to attend.