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Undergraduate students will find the following forms and worksheets helpful in creating work plans and field concentrations in the Public Policy Major. Questions about these forms should be directed to the Student Services Manager.

Major Worksheets

Major worksheets allow students to easily view and track progress towards the completion of the PLCY major.

Public Policy Major Worksheet and Course Diagram

Course Approval Forms

Course approval forms must be completed and approved to receive credit for courses that are not otherwise currently approved for the PLCY major.  This form may also be used to request approval for a concentration in Public Policy.

Course Approval Form

Independent Study Proposals

In order to be enrolled in an independent study, students must work with a faculty adviser to complete this form, which serves as the course contract. This form, like the others, must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Approval is required for enrollment in an independent study course.

Independent Study Proposal Form

Internship Application Form

PLCY 293: Internship in Public Policy is available to PLCY majors and minors. Approval is required for enrollment in PLCY 293.

PLCY 293 Application

PLCY 293 Syllabus