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Public Policy is an interdisciplinary social science major designed to provide students with the theoretical perspective, analytical skill and substantive knowledge needed to respond to major domestic and global policy problems.

The core curriculum includes exposure to multiple disciplinary fields, including economics, political science, policy analysis, philosophy, research methods and statistics.

The undergraduate major in public policy provides students with conceptual and analytical skills that prepare them for work or graduate school.  The combination of a liberal arts education, the development of writing and analytical abilities, and knowledge in a domestic or global policy serves as the foundation for graduate work in many professions, including law, business, public policy, public and international affairs, social work, public health, education, and city and regional planning.

For information on majoring and double majoring in public policy, please click here and click here for double major stats in AY20-21. For more information on public service careers, please click here.  For more information on UNC Public Policy’s undergraduate program, please see the UNC Public Policy Advising Handbook.