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  • ECON 101 Introduction to Economics (4 credits)
  • PLCY 210/210H Policy Innovation and Analysis (3 credits)
  • PLCY 460 Quantitative Analysis for Public Policy (4 credits)
  • PLCY 581 Research Design for Public Policy (3 credits)

Cost of Attendance

Proposed MPP Tuition

Financing the MPP

“I was looking for an opportunity to hone in on the skills that I learned in undergrad and develop more professional confidence before going off into the labor market. The easy application process and the ability to stay in Chapel Hill for an additional year was a main selling point for me. I hope to eventually get my PhD in a related field and work in the public sector or with a research institution and advise policymakers.”
-Sam Johnson

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For more information, contact:
Melissa Edwards
Managing Director, MPP