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Graduate Minor

UNC Public Policy offers a formal minor for interested students enrolled in other graduate programs at UNC-Chapel Hill. Interested students must be enrolled for a graduate degree in any relevant UNC academic unit and may apply to complete the Public Policy minor requirements.

The purpose of the minor is to allow students in related areas of study to complete an appropriate set of public policy courses and to help students to learn appropriate theoretical and analytical approaches to address policy challenges.

As an officially recognized minor in the Graduate School, the Graduate School rules for graduate minors apply. The Graduate School requires that all graduate minors comprise at least nine (9) credit hours beyond the major for master’s degree candidates or at least fifteen (15) credits beyond the major for doctoral candidates. lf credits must be for courses listed (or cross-listed) in programs other than that of the major and cannot also be counted toward the major, students must plan that their electives are used to fulfill the minor requirements.

A minor may consist of a set of related courses, some of which are listed by one program and some of which are listed by another. In most cases, the minor would not include courses from more than two programs. UNC Public Policy will be listed as granting the minor, and the Director of Graduate Studies in the home unit must agree to accept any courses from outside the minor program offerings. The minor must be approved in advance by the Director of Graduate Studies in both the student’s major degree program and UNC Public Policy. When a satisfactory minor has been planned and approved by both programs, a copy of the proposed minor course of study should be signed by the Directors of Graduate Studies in the major degree and minor programs and sent to the Graduate School to become a permanent part of the student’s record.


Present Minor Declaration form to the Director of Graduate Studies of UNC Public Policy along with a memo explaining why a minor is sought and how the student plans to complete the course requirements.

Completion of the home department’s quantitative methods requirement.

Successful completion of an approved graduate-level course of study, approved by the Director of Graduate Studies of UNC Public Policy (or his/her designee) and the student’s home unit advisor.


Ph.D. Minor in Public Policy (15 credits)


Politics and Policy

716 (Introduction to Politics and Public Policy Theory) (3)

717 (Institutional Analysis for Public Policy) (3)

780 (Normative Dimensions of Policy) (3)

One policy field elective (3)


Economics and Policy

PLCY 700 (Math Camp) (prereq)

780 (Normative Dimensions of Policy) (3)

788 (Advanced Economic Analysis for Public Policy I) (3)

789 (Advanced Economic Analysis for Public Policy II) (3)

Two policy field electives (6)


Masters Minor in Public Policy (9 credits)


PLCY 780 (Normative Dimensions of Policy) (3)*

Two policy field electives (3)

*Per DGS approval, the student may substitute another core public policy course (PLCY 716, 717, 788, 789, 801, 881, or 882) in the event that PLCY 780 is not offered during the student’s program of study.  (Please note that PLCY 788, 789, 801, 881, and 882 have some prerequisite requirements).


For more information on the Graduate Minor, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Sudhanshu Handa,