The UNC Roosevelt Institute is a student think tank. It’s a place for UNC students to learn about, discuss, and formulate policy ideas, as well as a platform for them to find a broader audience for their ideas. Our chapter is a proud member of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, a national network of more than 85 similar chapters at colleges and universities across the United States.


Student research at the UNC Roosevelt has been published widely, primarily in the in the Roosevelt Institute’s national 10 Ideas series. Our members engage in the policy process in a wide variety of ways, including writing for national blogs and publishing white papers that address specific issues.


The UNC chapter also strives to put its policy principles into action to achieve real benefits for our community. Roosevelt members are encouraged to find ways to implement their policy ideas locally while working alongside other students with similar goals.


The UNC chapter consists of six different policy centers, each of which focuses on a particular aspect of public policy. These policy centers meet on a weekly basis to discuss relevant policy topics and assist members with their research. The centers also plan impact projects and outreach events. The six centers are:

  • The Center for Defense & Diplomacy
  • The Economic Policy Center
  • The Education Center
  • The Center for Social Justice
  • The Health Policy Center
  • The Center on Energy and the Environment

Get Involved

The UNC Roosevelt Institute is not limited to public policy majors or those with public policy experience. We have several members who have never taken a public policy course. To learn more about the UNC Roosevelt Institute, please email Vishnu Ramachandran at or Megan Tan at