The Education Policy Initiative at Carolina (EPIC) is an interdisciplinary education policy research initiative within UNC Public Policy/PLCY@UNC. EPIC serves as a campus-wide focal point for education policy research and as a broker for education policy research opportunities. The Education Policy Initiative at Carolina conducts policy-relevant research and program evaluation to inform local, state, and federal programs and policies focused on improving effective teaching and student achievement in North Carolina and the nation.

Mission Statement

EPIC is an interdisciplinary team that conducts rigorous research and evaluation to inform education policy and practice. We produce evidence to guide data-driven decision-making using qualitative and quantitative methodologies tailored to the target audience. By serving multiple stakeholders, including policy-makers, administrators in districts and institutions of higher education, and program implementers we strengthen the growing body of research on what works and in which context. Our work is ultimately driven by a vision of high quality and equitable education experiences for all students, and particularly students in North Carolina.

Contact EPIC

314 Cloister Court
Chapel Hill, NC 27514