The Carolina Institute for Public Policy (CIPP) advances UNC Public Policy’s research, teaching and service mission. It facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration on policy‐relevant research among faculty and students and engages in public outreach by hosting a “Carolina Forum” on significant issues in domestic and global affairs.

The Education Policy Initiative at Carolina (EPIC) is an interdisciplinary education policy research initiative within UNC Public Policy/CIPP. EPIC, in collaboration with UNC General Administration (GA)/Vice President for Academic and University Programs, serves as a campus-wide focal point for education policy research and as a broker for education policy research opportunities. EPIC conducts policy-relevant research and program evaluation to inform local, state, and federal programs and policies focused on improving effective teaching and student achievement in North Carolina and the nation.

Primary Objectives

The Carolina Institute for Public Policy has three primary objectives:

  1. To promote UNC Public Policy’s research, teaching and service activities and highlight faculty expertise in both domestic and global policy research;
  2. To disseminate policy-relevant research findings and knowledge to domestic and global decision‐makers;
  3. To provide a new forum for discussion and deliberation on a range of domestic and global issues.

Research, Teaching and Service Program

Primary research, teaching and service activities include:

  1. Research Program and Themes — This includes research clusters or programs on particular topics related to faculty expertise.
  2. Teaching and Mentoring — CIPP provides opportunities for graduate and undergraduate applied policy research.
  3. Service through Policy Research and Dissemination — This includes new methods of sharing of research‐based policy evidence and knowledge with key decision‐makers.
  4. Service through Public Forums — This includes hosting public forms and discussion (Carolina Forum) on key domestic and global policy issues.